Know Your Skin Type | Enjoy Sunlight Responsibly

Skin Type Quiz

The skin type quiz will help you to understand your skin in order to maximize the benefits and minimize the risks of too much or too little UV exposure.

Skin Type Quiz


Be UV responsible! The results of your Skin Type questionnaire are meant to guide you in your choice to enjoy indoor tanning. A certified Fabutan CEO can help you understand the best exposure for your skin.

Fabutan wants you to maximize the benefits while minimizing the risks of UV exposure. Exercise caution with any exposure to UV rays both indoors and outdoors. Please consult a physician prior to any exposure if you have any questions, concerns, or have previously been advised to stay out of the sun. A Skin Type 1 customer should be cautious of all UV exposure and refrain from using sun beds.

Certain medications may enhance the effects of UV exposure – be sure to review any medications you may be taking with a Fabutan CEO prior to using any sun bed equipment.

Not all sun beds are the same! Our recommended exposure times are based on your skin type and Fabutan low pressure sun bed equipment only. Be sure to review the recommended exposure schedule associated with any equipment you may consider using.